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Some good apps for students living in Australia

Living in Australia

Once you arrive in Australia, you may want to know which apps can help you make your life easier! We have selected some for you:

  • Gumtree & Facebook Marketplace

You can find absolutely any goods you need to buy. Make sure you research many options, be aware of the seller´s reputation, talk to the person in advance and ask to inspect the item if you have time. This way you can ensure you are getting the best quality for a pre-owned item. You´ll save money.

  • Airtasker

This app and website are very useful to help you make extra money. You can make a quick dollar by joining Airtasker and completing jobs for everyday people who may need a hand – from cleaning to packing or design…jobs vary. Good luck!

  • Groupon

Through this app can get everyday offers for a major discount. From cooking school to mindful walking in nature – you receive the same amount of enjoyment for half the price!

  • Budget Apps

If you are the type of person that needs to keep track of your spending, then you´ll benefit from the Weekly Budget Apps. Set saving goals and the app will track what you spend and whether you are on the way to achieve your saving goals.

  • Uber & Uber Eats

Uber and Uber eats are a way to make money in Australia. You can either sign up to become a driver or deliver food. Many people earn up to $25 an hour. This can be a great way to work on your own hours and earn some extra money as well.

  • Shopasave (Shop a Docket!)

Download the Shopasave app and receive special offers in your area – you can win prizes for just shopping through the app!

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Published date 26/02/2020
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