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Environment Management & Sustainability

Environment Management & Sustainability
Environment Management & Sustainability

Sustainable practices are now an essential component in every business in Australia. The government strengthened its environmental protection across the country, hence the demand for environmental managers and sustainability specialists have increased compared to the past decade.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are a global commitment. Learning and applying sustainable practices is our duty to manage our businesses responsibly. By studying Diploma of Sustainable Operations, you will learn how to identify sustainability issues within different industries and apply your knowledge to improve sustainability performance (economic, social, and environmental performance) of any business operation.

The Sustainability course guides students in the development of an ecologically sustainable perspective covering foundations of economic, social, and environmental sustainability performance. Following the course, students will be equipped with the skills required to support implementation of sustainable practices and policies in the workplace.

StudyID is your guide to finding the most suitable training organisations that offer Sustainability courses. We will help you achieve your career goals and become a sustainability officer, environmental manager, or specialist in your chosen industry or business.

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What to learn:
• Ensure a safe workplace for a work area
• Management of 5S system in an organisation
• Conduct an audit of emissions related to product or process in an organisation, or part or all a value chain
• Develop and implement a workplace sustainability policy, including the modification of the policy to suit changed circumstances
• Conduct an audit for the specific resource of energy in an organisation or part or all its value chain
• Prepare recommendations for a reduction and more efficient use of energy

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