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What is business? This term has multiple meanings, but we want to prosper in this field. The secret is simple enough: the most successful people in their start-ups and sustainable businesses are those who perceive learning as a continuous process. It is best to take certified and updated courses to upgrade your skills.

We offer the fullest scope of knowledge in the field of business administration, new businesses or start-ups, business sustainability and entrepreneurship. Content is comprehensive with an emphasis on the practical application of skills. You will acquire the experience of the toughest Australian entrepreneurs as you take on the challenge of creating your own business projects, following an innovative approach.

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What to Learn:
• Real case study implementation
• Provide support from the business owners
• The dynamics of competition and the competitive life cycle
• Competitors analysis and how businesses compete across industries
• Internationalization strategies: the “how, where and when” in entering foreign markets
• Identify and Investigate business opportunities, maintain relationships and source funding for projects
• Minimisation of organisation’s social, economic and environmental impact and proactive value creation
• Collect, analyse and present relevant information about digital applications in creation and presentation of a business case

Skills to gain:
Skills to gain

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