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How is it to study abroad?

Living in Australia

Studying abroad could be one of your most treasured experiences. You get to learn about yourself more – spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. Without the presence of your family and friends, it can prove challenging, but of course, very rewarding.  

Learning the culture of a different country is not an easy task. But if you just let it all go, you might just fight yourself falling in love with it. It might be hard understanding other people’s accent and tones, but it is not very hard getting used to it also. 

Understanding cuisines of other countries is not very easy to cope up with also. You’ll get to a point where you just want to cook and eat your own native food. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is part of the adjustment process and dealing with homesickness.  

Traveling is another aspect of studying abroad. During days without classes or work, you can explore around the city. You can discover the best pubs, the fanciest shopping malls, the most sought-after restaurants. During school holidays, you can also travel interstate. Visiting neighboring regions can be exciting too. Seeing those mountains, beaches and wine valleys promises a lot of fun and excitement. This can prove financially draining, but it is all worth it. As they have said, collect memories and not things. 

Having friends of different nationalities is one of the fun and excitements you will encounter studying abroad. You will be fascinated with others’ cultures and traditions. Some of them, you may not understand at first. But just like all things, it will get better over time. You might even learn some of their languages and in return, you will teach them some of your basic language. It will be so much fun and new different experience. It is not everyday that you will have the chance to befriend foreigners and learn about their culture. 

While studying abroad, members of your family can visit you. This is a very exciting opportunity. When they arrive, you get to let them see how wonderful that country is. You take them to the places you have discovered. It is like having a holiday vacation with your family. You get to have sightseeing with them, taking pictures with the amazing churches, bridges, opera house, theme parks, and structures. And your family, of course, will have a lot of fun sharing those experiences in social media.  

And of course, studying abroad includes studying. You will earn a new skill and you get that certificate. What is more exciting than that? With all the travels you make, you will go back home with a new qualification. And in the future, you will get that job you are aspiring for because of your qualification you just earned yourself. 

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Published date 10/09/2020
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